Strong girls grow up to be strong women.

Girls in our program are exposed to a vast amount of experiences from job skills, arts and crafts, trade skills, and more. The mission of the Girl with Grit Program is to give young women the skills, confidence, mentors, and experiences that help develop life skills, career paths, and passions. 

Girl with Grit Program is a 501c3 nonprofit in based in Boerne, TX.


Community Classes are co-ed classes and workshops that offer both girls and boys in our community the same unique instructional elements and classes we offer our girl gang. Our classes span everything from art to trade skills to instructional elements. Kids enrolled in our classes are also offered opportunities to participate in various discounted workshops.


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Girl with Grit Program was designed to help creative young women build skills, confidence, and develop support systems amongst other girls through positive and unique experiences.

Girls 11 and up – Girl with Grit meets the first and third Sunday every month from 12pm-3pm.

Girls 6 to 10 – Girl with Grit meets the first and third Saturday every month from 12pm – 3pm.

We also offer additional events and workshops throughout the month, time will vary. Please contact for more information.

What does Girl with Grit Program do?
We believe that strong girls grow up to be strong women. We offer our girls experiences in everything from welding to mechanics to art to business to prove to them they can do it!

Girl with Grit Program

Community Classes

Girl with Grit Studio, 102 E. Hosack St.

Learn a variety of creative skills, trade skills, and entrepreneurial skills in our co-ed community classes. 

Currently, we are enrolling for summer and will be offering a whole bunch of fun experiences for youth in our area.




Girl with Grit Program


Girl with Grit Studio, 102 E. Hosack St.
Products in our shop are created by the girls in the Girl with Grit Program or are selected speciality retail as part of vision of a strong girl.

We have great unique handmade items, gifts, jewelry, art, and more.

We also offer drop-in 15 minute projects for $5.

Young Entreperneurs
These products are created by the girls in the Girl with Grit Program. Proceeds of all sales go back to the girl with a portion to the nonprofit. We support them and they support us.

Trade Skills

1935 Chevy Truck Project

Girl with Grit Projects
Our current group project is working on the restoration of a 1935 Chevy Truck.


Mural Project

Girl with Grit Mural
The Wonderland Mural is a themed mural collectively worked on currently by: Ann Asher, Natalie Saylers, Riley Lacey, Aubree Dorman, and Kaylin O’Rourke.


Latest News

Why we need YOU to Donate…

Why we need YOU to Donate…

What are we using donations for? -With overwhelming demand to take in more girls and teach more things (i.e. skilled trades, welding, metal fabrication, woodworking, etc. ), we need an additional LARGER facility in a warehouse space or a suitable SHOP SPACE or LAND in...

Taxi Tour

Taxi Tour

I would like to thank everyone that came to our taxi tour yesterday at the AgriCultural! I am proud we pulled it off despite the weather. We even got a visit from a Texas Travel blogger visiting Boerne @mycurlyadventures_! A MASSIVE thank you to the AgriCultural,...

Special Needs Program

Special Needs Program

Girl with Grit Program is partnering with the Boerne Peace Program and Advantage Care Services to bring grit to our special needs community. Many of these individuals are on fixed incomes and Day Hab is sponsored through nonprofits that seek to get them out of the...


102 E. Hosack
Boerne, TX 78006

Open Hours

Open Shop Saturdays, 10am-5pm
Please see our schedule for community classes, events, and exhibitions.

Safety Sasses®
Soda Pops
Hot Rod Garage
BStrong Productions
RodRides LLC
AgriCultural Museum and Arts Center
Ameliom LLC
Dwayne Mattox
Big Ideas USA

The Bevy Hotel
Cave without a Name
Cibolo Creek Brewery
Little Gretel
Handmade on Main
From Scratch Farm
Texas Gourmet Pantry
The Asher Family
Boerne Farmhouse
The Little Nature Store
The O'Rourke Family
The Lacy Family
Bear Moon Bakery
Fickle Pickle Boerne
Cliptacular Creations
Dienger Trading Co.
The Dorman Family
The Risinger Family
Kiss the Cook
Mike Coyne
Love Creek Orchards
Hill Country Crate
Lynnda McGowan

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All proceeds from sales go back to the young entrepreneur with a portion to the nonprofit. 100% of sales proceeds from branded Girl with Grit™ merchandise is returned to the 501c3.

How to Help

Our program is a 501c3 nonprofit. We rely on sales of products, donations, monthly dues, and sponsors to keep us going. Please consider donating today.



A few board members (from left):  Ashley Robertson, from ToyMakerz on History Channel, our Associate Director; Staci Catalano Andrews from Soda Pops and Hot Rod Garage, our Vice President; Mel Ellenwood, the original owner of the '35 truck; and Blythe Zemel from Blythe Arts and Safety Sasses, our founding President and Executive Director.

Board Members

Blythe Zemel, Founding President
Staci Catalano, Vice President
Ashley Robertson, Associate Director
Brooke Dorman, Secretary
Marsha Tucker, Treasurer


Blythe Zemel, Executive Director and Lead Instructor
Ann Asher, Community Classes Recreational Art Lead Teacher and Shop Manager
Natalie Salyers, Community Classes Assistant Teacher and Assistant Shop Manager