Put the power in girl power.

Girl with Grit

A 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower girls through skills, experiences, and mentors.

Girl with Grit has been in multiple publications and on various podcasts and was featured in the cover story “Girl Power” in the San Antonio Business Journal. We were also recognized by San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg and nominated as Best Nonprofit in Boerne, TX in 2022.

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Main Office: 41109 I-10 West, Boerne, TX 78006

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“to give girls and women a safe space to grow their skills and confidence through mentors and experiences that help develop life skills, career paths, and passions”.

We believe that closing skill gaps and providing girls better independent living skills can potentially save our daughters’ lives, decrease rates of domestic violence, and leave our girls less vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Camp Girl with Grit


Girl with Grit offers a 3 hour camp for girls and women in the San Antonio, TX and Austin,TX area.  This camp teaches essentials such as changing a flat tire, road safety, engine maintenance, introduction to tools and hardware, and general home care and repair. 

The purpose of Camp Girl with Grit is to quickly saturate basic life skills that are needed for independent living. Camps have been called potentially life-saving and life-changing by law enforcement and behavioral scientists. 


Want your son to learn these skills too? We offer our skill building camp for them as well. Please check our REGISTRATION below and look for Camp Girl with Grit Co-ed.


Girl with Grit is a 501c3 educational nonprofit and we depend on community fundraisers to keep us going. All donaations are used to provide programming to local girls. 

Girl with grit Program

Girl with Grit Program is a girl power program that exposes girls to a variety of skills and experiences through our monthly empowerment retreat – where powerful women come to empower girls through their skills, passions, and hobbies and open access to the latest and greatest in community educational facilities, a makerspace.  Over the course of the year, girls are exposed to everything from welders to fashion designers and gain skills from culinary to automotive.

Girls have the option of becoming members and getting GUARANTEED AND FREE access to all of the Girl with Grit Retreats and most Girl with Grit Classes. Girls can cancel their membership anytime.


2023 Girl with Grit Retreats


Girls who are members also have access to FREE or discounted Classes and Workshops and can drop-in at Come and Make It! as a member ($60 value).

Girls that join range in age from 8 through young adult. They come from diverse backgrounds and locations throughout the Austin and San Antonio regions.

We are currently based in the Texas Hill Country. The majority of our retreats are held in Boerne, TX at our nonprofit partner’s facility, Come and Make It!. We will be offering Girl with Grit Programming options in Dripping Springs, TX at Huhney Bee Fabrication soon.

We encourage all that are interested in joining but not ready to commit to come register for a retreat today!


Fellow women from all walks of life come to build a project, teach a class, share a talent or their job or their story with our girls. Interested in inspiring the next generation? Sign up here.

Are you a woman wanting to support independent girls?

Join Girl with Grit as a woman member and give the gift of a member to an underserved girl. Also get access to our adult events, networking opportunities, and more!


Girl with Grit Classes can be one-time only or multiple classes taken in a series. GWG Workshops range in duration and we do allow one-time only drop-in. Program members come for free or get a discount.


Buy something from one of our young business girls or buy a shirt to support us!

Girl Entrepreneurs

Girl with Grit partners with the Come and Make It! Junior Entrepreneur Club to provide our girls endless opportunities in skills. One of our focuses is growing business skills. 

About Us

Founded by Blythe Zemel in December 2020, Girl with Grit is a grassroot 501c3 nonprofit that empowers girls with hands-on learning opportunities to develop life skills, career paths, and passions. As our nonprofit grew, we noticed a strong need for an all-girls trades program and in 2021, Briana Huhn joined us through her Huhney Bee Trades Program. We have reached beyond Boerne to Dripping Springs, where we utilize Huhney Bee Fabrication to run Camp Girl with Grit and our mobile programming serves the San Antonio and Austin areas.

Throughout 2022, we experienced exponential growth and a need for a safe, gender neutral space and created Come and Make It!, a 501c3 nonprofit creative community that provides hands-on educational programming in Kendall County. 

In the short two years since its founding, Girl with Grit and Come and Make It! have played important roles in the transformation and growth for youth in our area. On average, we served over one hundred girls in 2022, teaching them various vital lessons from the safe use of tools to how to properly change a tire; from how to start and operate a small business to culinary skills.

Our camps and classes are all inclusive and have included youth in group homes, foster care, shelter residents, as well as the special needs population. Recently, we partnered with Wounded Warrior Project to serve our veterans.

San Antonio Business Journal Print - Cover Story

Mayor Nirenberg Proclamation, San Antonio, TX

Voyage, Austin, TX

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Voyage, Austin, TX


Girl with Grit specializes in unique hands-on programming for girls. We focus on saturating skills into girls that are somewhat overlooked or we feel that there is a gap in. 

Pictures are worth more than words. Please see our Gallery. 

Camp Girl with Grit

Camp Girl with Grit is an essential real life skill camp for girls and women. We offer it throughout the San Antonio and Austin region. Participants learn everything from tools to changing a tire. Sign up for an upcoming camp or schedule your own private camp at your facility or ours.  

Girl with Grit Program

The mission of the Girl with Grit Program is to give girls a safe space to grow their skills and confidence through mentors and experiences that help develop life skills, career paths, and passions. Girls come to a monthly retreat and get crash course workshops in everything from the arts to entrepreneurship to the trades to real life skills – such as basic automotive care, tools, and more.

Classes and Workshops

We offer a variety of girls and women only classes and workshops throughout the San Antonio and Austin areas.

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