Girl with Grit Truck Project

Girl with Grit Program is currently working on the restoration of a 1935 Chevy truck.

girl with grit


We believe strong girls grow to be strong women.

Girl with Grit Program is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit.

The goal of the program is to give gifted and talent young women access to supplies, instructors, mentors, skills, and more. We want you to come to what you can and participate how you can. Our goal is for our girls to actually earn income – based on their effort on merchandising/inventory/class offerings, gain job skills, and have free or discounted access to everything from jewelry making to resume workshops to small engine repair. 

Girl with Grit Program funds their studio, some of their supplies, providing equipment, and offer a staffed retail space for their sellable goods on Main Street in Boerne, TX all because we BELIEVE IN THEM! 

We ask that our program participants take this opportunity as a way to build portfolios, resumes, college applications. We will provide the opportunity for you all to grow!

Girl with Grit Open Studio Days

Come as you wish at designated Sundays from 12pm-3pm for open access to supplies, workspace, and guided projects.

Girl with Grit Workshops
Especially organized educational or fieldtrip type of events. Workshops include everything from pulling an engine to resume writing. Dates and times vary. 

Girl with Grit Retail Front/Online Store
The nonprofit will fund a brick and mortar strorefront on Main Street in Boerne, TX, online shop, an Etsy store, and various markets. Girls will be encouraged to grow their business skills and produce income for themselves through merchandising, creating products, offering their services, and more.

The girls are asked to donate a percentage of their profits to help keep the program funded. 

Our Founding President, Blythe Zemel.

A few board members (from left):  Ashley Robertson, from ToyMakerz on History Channel, our Associate Director; Staci Catalano Andrews from Soda Pops and Hot Rod Garage, our Vice President; Mel Ellenwood, the original owner of the ’35 truck; and Blythe Zemel from Blythe Arts and Safety Sasses, our founding President and Executive Director.

Board Members

Blythe Zemel, Founding President
Staci Catalano, Vice President
Ashley Stanley, Associate Director
Brooke Dorman, Secretary
Marsha Tucker, Treasurer


Blythe Zemel, Executive Director and Lead Instructor
Ann Asher, Community Classes Teacher (Art)
Clara Dorman, Intern


35′ Truck Project

The Girl with Grit Program has an annual large project. This year its based in mechanics as they attempt to restore a ’35 Chevy Truck along experienced car builders, mechanics, and fabricators.

Support Youth

Girl Products

Young Entreperneurs
Girl with Grit products are created by the girls in the Girl with Grit Program. Proceeds of all sales go back to the girl with a portion to the nonprofit. We support them and they support us.

They also learn business practices and entreperneurship through their own storefront, open Saturdays to the public.

Studio and Shop

Our studio space carries products made by the girls in Girl with Grit. Proceeds of all sales go back to the girl and fund our non-profit program. We are shop by appointment and offer delivery options.

Support us



We believe in experiences! Girls in our program host events, markets, and fundraisers to help support our non-profit. They also get to attend various events and field trips together as a group.

Safety Sasses®
Soda Pops
Hot Rod Garage
BStrong Productions
RodRides LLC
AgriCultural Museum and Arts Center
Ameliom LLC
Miller Welding

The Bevy Hotel
Cave without a Name
Cibolo Creek Brewery
Little Gretel
Handmade on Main
From Scratch Farm
Texas Gourmet Pantry
The Asher Family
Boerne Farmhouse
The Little Nature Store
The O’Rourke Family
The Lacy Family
Bear Moon Bakery
Fickle Pickle Boerne
Cliptacular Creations
Dienger Trading Co.
The Dorman Family
The Risinger Family
Kiss the Cook
Mike Coyne
Love Creek Orchards
Hill Country Crate
Lynnda McGowan
Dwayne Mattox

Shop Now

All proceeds from sales go back to the young entrepreneur with a portion to the nonprofit. 100% of sales proceeds from branded Girl with Grit™ merchandise is returned to the 501c3.

How to Help

Our program is a 501c3 nonprofit. We rely on sales of products, donations, monthly dues, and sponsors to keep us going. Please consider donating today.

Core Team Members

Ann A.
Amber A.
Aubree D.
Brynn D.
Chloe F.
Clara D.
Jenna J.
Kate B.
Kaylin O.
Lexi H.
Mei B.
Natalie S.
Phoenix Z.
Riley L.
Ryli R.
Emma M.
Alecia G.
Brynley O.

A second team will be launching Fall 2021. Contact for information.



Girl with Grit Program

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“How to Jump Onboard”

Girls in our program must complete a total of 30 hours of Girl with Grit Saturday Studio Days before applying. Our goal is to get to know their talents, interests, personalities, and create strong teams.

The cost of our program and classes vary. The average monthly donation per participant is between $35-$55 a month. This includes 6 hours of studio time, field trips, and some girls are in weekly classes. Our goal is for girls to personally help fund their participation through volunteer hours and sales of their retail.

We create strong teams that work well together. Currently, we have over 20 girls on our core team. This team is currently FULL and closed to participation.

In Fall 2021, we will launch a second team. Girls interested can enroll now in our bimonthly Saturday Studio Days for $35 a month. These fees go back to funding the rent, utilities, and supplies. They will be provided with 6 hours of monthly training and classes, and be invited to various field trips and events.

We never turn a family away that can’t pay to play. If your family can not afford participation, please contact us and we will try to align you with a sponsor.

Community Classes

Girl with Grit offers classes for EVERYONE in our community. You don’t need to be enrolled in the program nor do you need to be a girl. We offer weekly classes, private mentoring for young creatives, and workshops.


Latest News

Latest addition to our Board!

Latest addition to our Board!

We have an exciting announcement from our nonprofit, Girl with Grit! Briana Huhn has joined our board to help further improve and grow our mission. Briana has worked along with Big Ideas USA sharing her love of trades with youth. She is an incredibly talented welder...

Why we need YOU to Donate…

Why we need YOU to Donate…

What are we using donations for? -With overwhelming demand to take in more girls and teach more things (i.e. skilled trades, welding, metal fabrication, woodworking, etc. ), we need an additional LARGER facility in a warehouse space or a suitable SHOP SPACE or LAND in...

Toolbox Camp

Toolbox Camp

How many of you have taught your daughter or son what an impact wrench is? If not, we have a few that ToyMakerz @toymakerztv donated to our program. In our ToolBox Camp, students will get a crash course in tool education, what they are, what they are used for. Sure,...


102 E. Hosack
Boerne, TX 78006

Open Hours

By appointment only.
Please see our schedule for classes, open studio days, and exhibitions.