Registration Information

You girls have earned your registration through your talent, dedication, and work ethic. This program is FREE. There are no “requirements” outside of treating each other with kindness and cleaning up behind yourself.

The goal of the program is to give gifted and talent young women access to supplies, instructors, mentors, skills, and more. We want you to come to what you can and participate how you can. Our goal is for our girls to actually earn income – based on their effort on merchandising/inventory/class offerings, gain job skills, and have free or discounted access to everything from jewelry making to resume workshops to small engine repair. It’s your choice what you choose to do.

We will be funding your studio, some of your supplies, providing equipment, and offering a staffed retail space for your sellable goods on Main Street in Boerne, TX all because we BELIEVE IN YOU!

We ask that our program participants of the Core Team take this opportunity as a way to build portfolios, resumes, college applications. We will provide the opportunity for you all to grow!

Girl with Grit Open Studio Days
Come as you wish at designated Sundays from 12pm-3pm for open access to supplies, workspace, and guided projects.

Girl with Grit Workshops
Especially organized educational or fieldtrip type of events. Workshops include everything from pulling an engine to resume writing. Dates and times vary. Remember, these workshops might open new doors to new opportunities.

Girl with Grit Retail Front/Online Store
The nonprofit will fund a brick and mortar strorefront on Main Street in Boerne, TX, online shop, an Etsy store, and various markets. Girls will be encouraged to grow their business skills and produce income for themselves through merchandising, creating products, offering their services, and more.
The girls are asked to donate the following percentage of sales of their products:
Made at home: 70% – Girl / 30% – Girl with Grit
Projects funded by Girl with Grit: 50% – Girl / 30% – Girl with Grit
Payments for the girls products will be made monthly to the girls via PayPal, a check, or cash.

Girl with Grit Events and Fundraisers
We hope that our girls love our program enough to participate in helping us raise funds and throw events. Events and Fundraisers are held monthly. They are fun to do and we enjoy it when we see the girls there. If you can’t make it, there will be more!

Photo/Video Release
Girl with Grit Program will be using still images and video to help us gain donors, sponsors, interest that can benefit the girls. We will always provide prior knowledge that filming or photography will be present.

Release for Liability and Disclaimer Waiver
This agreement releases Girl with Grit Program and its affiliated parties from all liability relating to injuries that may occur at any location at any class, workshop, or event. By checking the box below, I agree to hold Girl with Grit Program and its affiliated parties entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries or contraction of illness are caused by negligence. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risk has been made clear to me.

By checking below, I forfeit all right to bring a suit againstGirl with Grit Program and its affiliated parties for any reason, in return, myself or my child will receive participation in the Girl with Grit Program. I will ask for clarification when needed.

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