Camp Grit  are intensive but fun life skills camps for all youth. Over the course of classes with us, youth learn about the skills it takes to survive. We engage students with fun, hands-on learning and projects.

Camps have been called potentially life-saving and life-changing by law enforcement and behavioural scientists. Not only can teaching these skills protect our youth, it can open up interests in new career paths and hobbies through exposure to tools and beginning know-how of GRIT.

Camp Grit is for all youth 8 and up.


School Year Session 

1/19/24 to 2/23/23 – Fridays, 5 to 7 PM (PLEASE CHECK CALENDAR FOR ANY WEEKS OFF)

First Week:
Tools and Trades
Students will build a birdhouse and learn about tools, PPE, and knowledge of the Skilled Trades through Texas Women in Trades. This module is geared towards growing handiness around the house and applying it to career paths. 

Second Week:
Drive and Thrive
Students will learn the basics of automotive care and how to handle emergencies including how to change a tire, jump a battery, weather related roadside emergencies, vehicle maintenance – such as checking fluids and signs of needed maintenance, and more. 

Third Week:
Cookies and Construction
The goal of this class is to implement knowledge (i.e. wall structure, plumbing, electrical, etc.) about buildings that everyone needs to know in a fun, interactive way. We will also talk to women in the San Antonio Chapter of NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction). Cookies are included for a fun hands-on building project.

Fourth Week: OFF

Fifth Week:
Household 911
We will cover how to handle some very simple and some very scary emergencies. Students will get hands-on use with a fire extinguisher and knowledge on fire safety directly from a visitor from our local fire department. Students will learn how to deal with various emergencies from clogged toilets to bursting pipes to how to safely disarm a firearm.

Sixth Week:
Into the Wild
Learn basic wilderness survival from what to do if you get lost to encountering a wild animal. Students will go on a hike discussing their skills. For an additional cost and 16 hours of training, students 16+ can get their Wilderness First Aid Certification and a College Credit with dual Enrollment through the industry leaders in Wilderness Medicine, NOLS. The additional certification will be the entire weekend following weekendend and taught by certified NOLS instructors.

Seventh Week:
Home Economics
Youth will learn basic household skills to help them achieve independence from cooking on the fly to hanging heavy curtains to patching a pair of jeans or a hole in the wall.

Eighth Week:
Financial Literacy
Understand a basic budget, principles of financial health and more.

Last Week: Certificate of Completion
Youth and families can come join us for a celebration of their new grit and skills. Students will be awarded their Certificate of Completion.

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16+ only and earn college credits!