Build a Birdhouse
Students will build a birdhouse and learn about tools This module is geared towards growing handiness with tools.
About the Program:
Girl with Grit Program is an intensive but fun skill building session for those 8 and up. Over the course of the 16 hour, 8 workshop program, students earn a certification and close evidence-based gaps while learning through practical and fun hands-on projects. Our workshops span information from tools to tires to rewiring a lamp to entrepreneurship and creating a budget – all with the goal to leave a lasting impression and introduction in a fun and safe way.
Our program has been called potentially life-saving and life-changing by law enforcement and behavioral scientists. Not only can teaching these skills protect our youth, it can open up interests in new career paths and hobbies, help them gain confidence, and learn self-efficacy. .
Join us for a fun and unique hands-on opportunity to learn practical skills with experienced and trained instructors. From birdhouses to jumping batteries to financial literacy to safety on the roads, in wilderness, or at home – Girl with Grit is all about teaching surviving life’s basics.
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