Independent Contractor Time Sheet



Please include dates and times worked. | Weekly independent contractors need to submit a time sheet bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of every month. Pay days are the first and 16th and will be issued by check or electronic transfer. | Independent Teachers need to provide their flat rate or class percentage.
Pick Come and Make It! for anything not all girl related.
Only for Hourly employees. Please enter Program Hours only (the actual hours students are present or the class or event is occurring). Staff has approval to add an additional 2 hours per period for set-up and cleaning, any additional hours need approval.
Only fill this out if you are a flat rate teacher being paid for one class or are a percentage based teacher.
Please only include program hours (hours students are present). Staff that comes to set-up or stays to clean up can put a maximum of one extra hour.
Hourly Rate are as follows: Makerspace Assistant - $7.75 | Makerspace Manager - $10 - $12.50 per hour | Experienced Teacher (Degreed or Certified plus two years related experience in field) - $25 - $40 per hour |
Please multiply hours by pay rate or enter your flat rate fee or percentage.