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Contribute to our Cause

Being a nonprofit, we are in constant need of funding to cover the rent, utilities, supplies, administrative costs, staffing, educational experiences, travel expenses for guest instructors, and much more. It helps keep the program alive and helps to garner future opportunities and the expansion of the program for more girls in our community. If a family can not pay to play, we will do our best to accommodate their needs. 

To keep the projects going, to keep our girl with grit, please consider making a tax deductible donation today or pledge a small amount monthly to the program.

Make a Donation

Support us by making a one-time tax deductible donation. We have levels from a small donation to corporate sponsorships.

$10.00 – $1000.00

Pledge Monthly Support

Support us by pledging a small amount monthly to keep our program operating smoothly.

$10.00 – $100.00

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