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Our Board

From the Texas Wildflower:

"When Blythe Zemel relocated to Boerne she saw something special in the growing Hill Country community. “I noticed a lot of creative, imaginative young people,” she said, “but they needed direction. The talent was here, but it needed shaping.”

Blythe, who holds an art degree, knew first-hand how valuable mentoring can be in cultivating emerging talent. 

“There were a mix of male and female artists back in Houston. I taught them, and we formed a tight network that really pushed entrepreneurship.”

That’s why, in Boerne, Blythe saw an opportunity to make a difference." (READ MORE)

Blythe Zemel

President, Grit with Grit Program

Staci Calano Andrews made Boerne a place to experience. She headed the famed local hamburger shop, Soda Pops, along with Hot Rod Night, which was our staple for many years. It brought much media attention to our little town as a Texas must-see.

She also works aside her husband, Maurice, supporting his Hot Rod Garage. Along with her other entrepreneurial endeavors, Staci's Methodist Gift Shop.

Before helping change the face of our community, Staci served our Country in the US Navy.

She came onto the board because she missed the kids from Soda Pops and wants to continue to serve our community.

Staci Calano Andrews

Vice President, Grit with Grit Program

Brooke Dorman is a certified pistol instructor and is currently the President of the nonprofit, BACH. She's a Speech Pathologist that has spent many years of her life dedicated to serving local families. She directs programs, classes, and facilities for close to 300 families. She serves the local community constantly.

She also helps to coach the only all female coached competitve shooting team in the entire state of Texas, The Texas Hill Country Junior Marksmen.

Her dedication to local children and families goes above and beyond. She is a support system for everyone around her and ensures a constant strive for success in the families she touches.

Brooke Couey Dorman

Secretary, Grit with Grit Program

Supporting Board Members

Janie Sellers – STEMastic, Boerne, TX – A company dedicated to paving the way for future careers in science, robotics, engineering, and math.

Lauren Taylor, M.ed. – Kinkaid School, Houston, TX – An art educator from one of the leading private school in the state of Texas. 

Marsha Tucker – Executive Director, The Houston Forum (retired) – Ran one of the leading nonprofit educational platforms in the country that connected communities to upstanding public figures. 

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