Our Products

What does it take to have an idea or a piece of art and make it a profitable, sellable product? Our mentorship program is more than creative fun, learning to use tools, and teamwork. It also helps girls garner the skills of implementing their ideas, designs, and more into sellable products.  

About Aubree

Aubree D. is an incredibly talented macro and pet portrait photographer. Actually, she’s talented at everything she does, just very humble about it.

We are very proud to call her our intern here because she goes a step beyond just being a talented teenager. She is also very quick in her ability to learn technology and is incredibly observant (especially with time and when we need to sweep and dust).

She loves being on a competitive shooting team, math, meterology, horses, and Samson, her tripod cat.

Our Mission

The mission of the Girl with Grit Program is to give young entrepreneurial and creative girls the skills, trades, mentors, and experiences that help develop career paths and passions. Our goal is to develop females that work together collectively as a team to encourage each other.

We believe strong girls grow to be strong women.

Girl with Grit Program is a nonprofit organization located in Boerne, TX and is registerd as a 501c3 nonprofit organization,