We have an exciting announcement from our nonprofit, Girl with Grit! Briana Huhn has joined our board to help further improve and grow our mission.

Briana has worked along with Big Ideas USA sharing her love of trades with youth. She is an incredibly talented welder and fabricator. So talented that she’s been featured on Bitchin’ Bootcamp on MotorTrend and Monster Garage on Discovery+.

Beyond her talent, skill set, amazing heart, and dedication to youth development. She shares our ideologies to flood enough skills and talents into young girls and women to level the playing field, so it eventually is unneeded to be a “girl welder” or a “woman fabricator”. Rather, it’s just the norm that it’s an industry, skill, or talent where it’s not special to be a girl in. All that counts is that you are good.

Our long-term goal is to serve all interested youth. We are just giving these girls a nudge forward to make it happen.