I would like to thank everyone that came to our taxi tour yesterday at the AgriCultural! I am proud we pulled it off despite the weather.

We even got a visit from a Texas Travel blogger visiting Boerne @mycurlyadventures_!

A MASSIVE thank you to the AgriCultural, Kristy, and all the directors for supporting us, and giving us your amazing space to run this event.

Thank you to our drivers who shared their vehicles! We are so incredibly appreciative.

Thank you Ashley Robertson from ToyMakerz for traveling down! Her raffle was won by her boss, David Ankin . So sir, that’s an official invitation to Boerne for your Chevelle ride.

Soda Pops helped us with so much with all of their donations!!! Thank you again!!!

And a big thank you to the girls that braved morning thunderstorms to move the entire event set up one hour before it started. I saw girls pulling lights, tables, chairs through heavy rain. The show had to go on and you girls accomplished that!

THANK YOU to our latest addition Caroline for the amazing photos!!

You can see the album of the event here: