What are we using donations for?

-With overwhelming demand to take in more girls and teach more things (i.e. skilled trades, welding, metal fabrication, woodworking, etc. ), we need an additional LARGER facility in a warehouse space or a suitable SHOP SPACE or LAND in order to put a SHOP FACILITY on, put the truck at. Currently, we are piecing this program together through field trips. We would LOVE to get it under one roof.

-Our 1935 Chevy Truck Project. We need to fund skilled labor and parts.

-Supplies, we want a full-size makerspace with all the equipment we can get our hands on. These girls WANT to learn. They NEED improvements in what I can provide out of pocket for them. We need welders, a 3-D printer, computers, list goes on and on.

-Administrative expenses. Rent, utilities, insurance, internet. We are ALL working for FREE and started this by one person paying out of pocket. We would love to be able to offer the girls more and more and more. But it requires funding the costs of business, the right people on staff or in educational roles, travel expenses of educators and visitors.

-Scholarships, we require girls to complete 30 hours of prerequisite paid community classes before applying to be part of the free program. Some families cannot afford this and we hate to turn them away.

-Travel expenses. Yes, we want to take them cool places.

And, the list goes on, but we are determined!