I met with bigideasusa.org yesterday, thanks to Briana Huhn. Briana has the passion, the incredible talent, and the educational background to REALLY help shape a wonderful element into the Girl with Grit Program.

I am so happy to say that Big Ideas believes enough in our girls to fund her coming down here and starting them with welding with the potential for more.

I just want to say, the partnerships and the teams forging together to grow this idea is because we are PASSIONATE women. We are women that want the best for girls coming up behind us. Despite being states apart, we believe in each other and doing good things with our lives.

Nonprofit work, educational outreach, mentoring youth is not about what you take home in a paycheck. It’s about creating paths and building others and communities. It’s about developing brighter things, aligning better paths, and making an impact. It’s about being that person in a kid’s life that says “I am proud of you” or “don’t do that”, but carries a different level of weight because you aren’t family.

I don’t get emotional over much, but watching so many people step behind this overwhelms me because I believe in it so much. I believe in doing whatever you can to make another person grow however they can.

Thank you to my community for their support (too many to name). Thank you to another bigger nonprofit for stepping in to help get this flowing right with their resources in skilled trades education. Thank you to all the women all over the nation pushing this forward. We are a team and I couldn’t do it without you! These girls are so lucky to have the support and one day they will look back on their lives and realize this was all pretty awesome that they took the hearts and attention of so many.