Girl with Grit Program

Girl with Grit 

ave spent endless hours compiling our online nonprofit storefront with the work of these talented young women. I can happily say we are 48 hours out to launch! The store will help fund these girls personally as they head off to college and will help fund the program. 

I picked these girls to launch first and the lead photo says it all. These are girls that are living their lives with a balance of beauty and grit. They go shoot guns, then come home to crochet an animal. That’s the balance I strike too in my own womanhood, a love of old cars and working with tools, but show up in a skirt and heels to do it (just to confuse everyone). They all remind me a little of myself. More focused on careers than boys. More focused on hobbies than parties. More focused on their own uniqueness as a woman, they don’t worry about fitting in a box, whether it be a tomboy, a girly girl, or whatever the box may be. They are just who they are. I love that.

We get so wrapped up in labels and such, so wrapped up in stereotypes, what we are supposed to think, look like, that we forget just to be happy with our uniqueness and just achieving our best self. I saw these girls as girls that are just living their version of their best self. This is my model of a Girl with Grit.