Girl with Grit Program


Yesterday, some of the girls learned how to take their art or idea and make it a sellable product. While I love watching these girls walk away with something they are proud of – something that started as just a glimmer of an idea end in viable, sellable products. The greatest gift to me, is them actually learning the most valuable thing they share is a sisterhood of teamwork and creative visions as they worked through an assembly line of “get it done together”.
One of the main goals of this program is to teach girls valuable business skills all while finding value and appreciation for each other. Women need to support each other, encourage each other, appreciate each other.
Strong girls grow to be strong women. But equally important, kind girls grow to be kind women.
Number one rule here, it’s a drama free zone. A toxic free zone. HER dreams are as important as YOUR dreams.
Thanks to the women who are helping me by growing this, supporting this, encouraging this. You are part of my team in teaching these girls how women should treat each other. Remember girls, it takes a team.